Winter on the Ocean

Wishing for The Fall

Hapless geese flying south

Kermit the Frog projecting fuzzy idealism

The littoral squawk of bishops

And morning cocks’ crows

Winter on the ocean

Trawling for bread

And thinking someday


To shoot our seeds into the moon and stars

Shattered machines on the beach

No one — at all times — gathering data

§           _ – ¯ on ¯ — > your ƒ ¡ ↔habits … • ∫           §

No one pandering to you

No one judging you

No more pressure to become inhuman

No more labor for abstract and distant purposes

That always dissapoint

The skin in it’s place

ΞΞΞΞ  The cycle broken  ΞΞΞΞ

Consciousness returning to the body from its mirror ball-

Cartesian monotheist denialism, dualism, and solipsism

Freed from the machine presence

We are free

Learning the ways from the earliest

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