Musing on the Education/Employment Complex

How bout them sources, eh?

6 hours sleep tonight

Then the mad dash, the paper completion

Upon the pyre of zen

Brief sense of accomplishment

1 Final down

2 to go

1 abandoned to save the village

Need that paper, though

No one wants a man without a paper

No matter how silly some of it is

I do learn

Some new choice

Who’m I kidding, eh?

A farmer’s life ain’t for me

Computers, Computers

We work in silent offices

Perhaps with cameras, make some ads

Though those, those microchips

They suck our brains dry

Suck out our vital juices

Leave us drained

Spider caught a fly

Life out of balance

Me the instant casualty

But everyone will be

Generations after these post-modern scumwads

With their automated brain

Try to flush us all

The tower is struck

And they panic

On the ashes one hopes will rise

A culture,

A life,

One in balance

One wise

One that passes on the tools

Instead of glorifying almighty GDP

And crystal seals of suppression

To make automated people without end

(damn thing wont do my line breaks right.   fffftsx!)

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