Vital Forces


Hold religious fervor of love

The waif waits

In the chasm of unknowing


With friends

Progressing through the life

Smiling again?

For the first time?


That is for you to wonder


Politicization of Genesis

Sweeping sweetness under the leaves

And mind transforming ecstasies

Under the flaming sword


And the voice that moves on the waters


The grove alive with prescience,




and numinosity


We do not float

We are enmeshed in flesh’s juices

Spirit’s exultation

Electromagnetism’s interplay of impossible colors

Riling the senses, the cerebrum, Broca’s Area

Transforming semantic web to eleventh dimension

The powerful sensations of LIfe, unleashed

Inflaming also

The heart’s tactility





Pics (before edit):

zen Sutherland  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Mr. Nemo  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Katie Tegtmeyer  CC BY 2.0

Erich Ferdinand  CC BY 2.0


exams being over, I may not miss another day for a while.


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