Freud Has Nothing on Me

you spend*more time

annoyed o*r worried

by dIshes

that take minut*es to deal with


focus – the idEa of the image


let it Impinge

like light Projected in


don’t force* the points


let go thAt impulse

they just fa*ll off again

you juSt flow

Imagecan’t can’t can’T do it all today

put it on t*he schedule

studio neeDs cleaning

materials ne*ed gathering

before you* can begin


on the Schedule

your backgrOund process

moves the pieCes into place

over days; no n*eed to force it


pieces float in*of own volition

little twis*t, the lock

vital forCe engages

the mechanisms wal*king with volition

you just ride




farm: Amy Youngs CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
bulblamps: Repoort  CC BY 2.0
lattice: fdecomite  CC BY 2.0
skylight: Alyson Hurt  CC BY 2.0
net thing: Wee Sen Goh  CC BY-NC 2.0
web-dew: Jenny Downing  CC BY 2.0
star: June Griffith  CC BY 2.0

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