Psyops Static Distortion Decoherence



Simple & Pie

Team Edward v. Team Jacob

Other such trivial matter

Baseline level of irritation

Kept high by media

Evolving computers

Misbehaving ones

Stress-hormone inducing ads

Keep ’em distracted

Deluge ’em w/ causes for insecurity

Stupid TV shows emphasize

how embarrassing everything is


Stupid etiquette

Silly rules & manipulations & sanctions


Keep ’em stressed & distracted & imbalanced

Keep ’em fretting & pacing

They never will think to rise up

Or to seize the rudders of life

& if they do

Get under the skin of the kids coming up



They mostly don’t exist

It’s mostly profit driven


Not a deliberate attempt

To hobble the people







On another note, I’m confused about how I can get likes and follows on days when there are no views whatsoever recorded.  Or how I get three views from one visitor, who appears to be teleporting between USA, UK, and Canada.





fun: orig. (pre-edit) CC BY-NC 2.0 flickr: no name (alsis35)
cat: orig. (pre-edit) CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 flickr: Ourania ([untypable symbol]Orania2005)
demotivational: orig (pre-edit) CC BY 2.0 flickr: Ethan Hein (Ethan Hein)

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