My time

We walk

The Earth


The candle flame

The rising incense smoke

The cigarette

The figurine


One cup of green tea with sugar

One cup of black coffee, black

On a dark, rainy morning in April

Breathe in, Breathe out

Dripping hot water


Cleanse the energy


Luxuries undreamed

In other parts, places, times

Simple food

and water


We are very rich, absurdly

Tablet, code, laptop, pc, music player

Gorging an acre of coffee every year


One dollar, one quarter

Life & freedom to peasants in Yunus’ scheme

Temporary peace to dependent alcoholics in britain


beneath notice

carelessly strewn on the floor

collected in jars

tens and hundreds of thousands in accounts

we are very rich indeed


driving-burning up without thought

vegetables left to rot


efficiency is not easy

it takes patience

changing regular expressions of behavior

bringing consciousness into the equation

we are not responsible for all, no

don’t be drowned in enormity

habits take patience

infrastructure takes money & work

in our moneyed society



refrigerators, appliances, art

dirt, soil, water, earth, cloth


checking ego positives

also lets us check ego negatives & pains

running water wheels turn

Cosmic laughter of games, the way

The life

The integral cosmos


Life as a complete expression

 not just a term ‘ ‘ ‘ <___||

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