Paper Chains

This is what it has come to:

Your people have been devalued;

Your true skills have been devalued;

You are devalued;

Your bolted-on skills are undervalued and worsening;

You compete against exploited &/or inflated foreign workers & hobbyists

There is a 0 tolerance of deviance

& inability to communicate or negotiate

& no chemical resources for you

To increase state Or hold it steady

There is nothing

You are nothing, as you are so often told

You live in paper chains

This is not why we are here

This is a 10 millenia delusion

We are supposed to connect with one another

Technology has merely increased what was already present

You hurry on incessantly

For no purpose but forced paper chains & inevitable death


Not exctly where I was going when it came to me, but I forgot.

Lines 2-5 are close to the lost original idea.

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