The troubles of the art world

The troubles of the art world

Expressed in a brief tale:

Although allegedly the most oversubscribed degree

What is really the cause of this?:

Someone goes to private high school

Spends a quarter large at RISD

0 Graduates  _ ?

and years later/ having not found success

0 operates a food truck until 2 am

is perhaps happy

is it better than art?

can’t afford the bill for living wages,

on low sales?

or do we simply

get all the visuals we need for $20

from some factory somewhere

trading focus grouped impersonality

for cheapness

and easyness

surrounding surrendering the millions to the corporate infrastructure

(note: the designer of that print makes at most 50k maybe 35)

candlesticks and tv ads

is it that we are simply no longer interested in permanence?

permanent images, permanent icons, things to keep

no matter that I set my price by the hours — still not interesting enough

not low enough

not even my artist friends show up to look

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