“Lady Luck she is lovely

Lady Luck she is free

But I wish sometimes my Lady Luck

She would find some time to spend with me”

– – – Richard Swift, although I prefer the Pickwick cover

– – – – – – – – – – –

Lady Luck skips left or right

Never quite meets

We see of then, the tones


No one knows the Futura

Fortuna either





My friends

We are in this together

Tonight you shall see

Where is the pick of destiny?

We have unearthed the answers


=/ enlightenment ? or type

Mine texts provide many thoughts

Mine meditations provide temporary peace

Myne magic I know not what they do

Were it to I I might work some

The river somme

Anna Livia Plurabelle

The night stops for no one

Nor does Lady Gaia

Into her we go in spirit

And also to the Star Bringers


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