Additional update and ramblings

Waking up at 330am with very bad feelings… they pass when i eventually get up. took 12 mg of melatonin and isochronic tones for sleep to no avail

Yee !! flickr on second thought perhaps Yee !! is the artist. hmm. stealing anyway
Yee !! flickr on second thought perhaps Yee !! is the artist. hmm. stealing anyway

Really hope syria does not mushroom into world war iii or a regional war either

Have finally moved off the tablet and cell phone, but dont have desktop set up at home again yet (moving it back from studio). Waiting until that is done to load up the new poems (where are those damn notebooks? is it just the three of them?).

Classes are back in. Things are looking up. Havent been to stdio for awhile to work, due to being occupied with house and garden work and enjoying the last fling of summer idleness. Running out of cigarettes and broke again, but hopefully that can be rectified later this morning. Still having issues with twitter and gmail due to many password resets in the wake of NSA meddling. (sorry twitter is linked to my name so i cannot post it here).

Forrest L Norvell flickr cc sa 2.0
Forrest L Norvell flickr cc by-sa 2.0

Painting was going well. … will get back to it soon. Drinking seems to have an inverse relationship with painting/drawing (in that the art deters the drinking, not the other way around). Oh if only I could have 48 hours a day (on the other hand (OTOH) that would double my gas, smoke, food, and bar tabs, perhaps not so good.

Class load looks doable this semester. Possibly even fun.

[[redacted paragraph due to professional concerns]]

Travellers have reappeared in town, or perhaps I just missed them before? I see this as a plus.

Memorial service later on which [[no, redacted]]

Having run out of things to do for the moment and with the housemate still asleep i guess i will perhaps go to the park, although the cafe would be preferred.

Had a very ‘successful’ meditation the other day. Different pattern from my usual wandering among modalities. First, lemme see what was it?… 3 minutes of centering grounding, linking to the powers above, and dropped and open attention [[ ]] due to an alarm error, 5 minutes of ‘triple soul alignment’ [[ ibid. ]] 5 minutes visualisation (used my painting that is everyones favorite instead of one of the more traditional modalities, this proved far easier to hold), and 5 minutes of [something] [will have to update later when i locate the earlier notes, as i am drawing a blank]. Then 10 minutes of either open sensory monitoring, or watching the breath/body feelings. The mind was far quieter than usual during the first four bits. Kicked up a bit during the last. Also had that thing where the normally silent parts of the mind throw words and images seemingly out of leftfield/nowhere at you. Always fun.

Brother O'Mara (i cropped and squashed it, so what) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Brother O’Mara (i cropped and squashed it, so what) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


At least one guerilla propaganda operation IRL scheduled. oh right i remember the second half. Have to write that down. Temporal artwork shall we say. &

hmmm/// having erased twitter from my phone i am not too up on current events. running out of stuff here. plotting some volunteer and temporary escaping as well. Yes i know i failed to deliver last time, but now class is back in. Although I have become interested in city government somewhat, I still lean anarchist, and do not wish to volunteer for additional surveillance by showing up at this time.

Yay for stealing photos! (You the photographer stole the graffiti to begin with, so I consider this fair use) [[Phantom aroma of corn tortillas, i wonder if im being summoned to the taco house? or that taco punk thing i have never tried… hmm one of my rules is to stick near to the local realities, which in this case means the place i already know, but it is still not open after the disruption yet]]

you sir are definitely not brrr!. also free brrr!! and brrr! it is 'base' not 'bases'
you sir are definitely not brrr!. also free brrr!! and brrr! it is ‘base’ not ‘bases’

Incidentally brrr was busted for stealing nineteen t-shirts that used his image (printed by a shop he tagged). He is said to be considering copyright infringement charges, although this would lay him open to prosecution for every single brrr graffiti….

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