TV / Bars of Louisville

What happened?
In the larger scheme of things
Matters little
Oh, no
Pregnancy is hell
Work through the time
The pain
Sudden unexpected home birth
Need many beers before I watch something
Like this
–Discontinuity :- commercials–
Sudden unannounced babies always come in
. . – – the middle of the night
It seems
Some perfectly fine
Some difficult
“We’re lucky, We’re blessed”
Giant underground Nuke shelter
For 500
Stocked up with food
Good for asteroids, too, I imagine
Dreams with asteroids last night
Mostly happy, no asteroid dreams, though
Celebrity ghost stories
‘Evil’ entities
Textual analysis of randomness
Office Politics but with a sword
Now barkeep has ‘Superstar’ on
More ghosts
“You know that feeling where you think you see something
And then it’s nothing”
Discussion of stalking
Time to go
–Discontinuity — moving —
Ah, the Weather Channel
Last thing I’d have expected
At this pizza joint

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