amber sparks imitation / automatic writing

initially the ramp went sideways

control switches
control switches

There was no time. We weren’t there. No one was. No one ever had been. Our pieces fell into place but there was nowhere to go. We were lost. Lost without our human bodies. Tearing of faces, tearing of hair except that there were no faces and there was no hair. curse the wave $#:]\> …>did not maintain the pieces to the course . other work will become necessary.  … ::: ;;; in several strides we were back to the earth.

we rang the bell but no one picked up. “is no one home,” we thought? But how could this be, where could they have gone? to the moon? To alpha centauri? How long had we been gone//?


Johnny looked through the side door and saw that everyone was either passed out or So busy bickering that they probably never even noticed the bell ~#-

Should we go in? I asked him… Nah, he said. Lets just go hang out in the park . We’ll come back later and and see if they’re don being petty yet.. . And that’s what we did. We played on the swingset, caught shooting stars on our tongues, shot the shit, played some tag, too. You’re it!  I scream at the top of my &&lungs&& –

With everyone packed away in %earth, no one cares how loud I am. I could get used to this ~  I tell !Johnny. ‘me too’ he says and but we’ll get bored of it eventually

.And we all ready tried these dropping these meat sleeves _ and look what happened. Youre right I  says _ we’ll have to go back in there someday, but let’s stay here a little longer|. Alright says johnny. But not too long.One day there may be no people left to go back to.

I laughed out loud at the stars.

Oh johnny, I says, use your imagination a little. We’ll find somewhere that’s happenin, even if there aren’t any people on earth when we’re done. ///?


You know you’re right, he says. !earth is actually a pretty happenin address. If only they would quit their bickering: Yeah i – kinda miss it too I mumble. But Im not ready to deal with it yet.

The crickets chirped into the falling dusk. We decided to steal some 40’s since there wasn’t nobody around.



All typos and punctuations intentional.

That was exhausting. Photo credits in a couple hours maybe.


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