strange dream

Interesting dreams. Due to my special sleep issues I guess. I think I only slept 2hrs but i feel fine though. Had some cool ones last night too, but less remembered.

First something with my roommate, then an unremembered nightmare. And maybe some stuff that I thought was just lying awake but seemed real. Oh and one where some shit happened I fell out of bed, struggled to find a flashlight then saw fire under the door then roommate walking in. Wake up.

So was in a backyard party, more interesting and rustic than my own, yet my own. My family refused to serve me alcohol so I went in. Some family from upstairs of me was in my kitchen cooking predawn breakfast (my kitchen had been recently cleaned) . Would not allow alcohol either but she offered me socks. It was sort of an alcove in the back of a bigger house than mine yet mine. Figured I needed em. Then some sort of merry go-round Escher’s relativity-esque on the some mazy sets of stairs at the front of my house with my uncle arguing with me (probably referring to my recent minimum wage post, which everyone should read). Then with my actual neighbors upstairs outside the prior backyard-ish. She took my last beer (PBR), then asked me for another one, then like yes I do want something, and she gives me a half bottle of sherry telling me to drink it slow. Think I tried to pour it into a 20 ounce go-cup. And then I notice she has a nearly full open miller light in the fridge and a corked nearly full craft brew. What’s up with the sherry? Then she notices someone in our rustic ramshackle attic like structure, and calls the police. The dude jumps and runs and is shot dead by she and the police. One says ‘if I die like that make sure I look good.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 bloomgal
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 bloomgal

Section 2 : more interesting, to me anyway

on way to field trip w/  ppl from skul. headed to the meeting point round the corner through a tunnel to the ____bar. Oh and there was a body of water , one of my sisters old friends was taking a helicopter on the trip but didnt lift fast enough and got hung up. the generals tried to help. the other girls were impressed [actual medivac pilot, military]. so get there, go through and bar owner is there, we go into a parking garage behind it and there’s a buddha statue. three girls follow me to the grass (only sposed to be 1 to 2 because – truck) truck has been towed, and trailer has been broken and chained [do not have a trailer] someone tells me the note had said 11 days. since had been suspended from bar, did not recall where had parked. dude from coffee house tells me all these spots are actually reserved. we get in car with older woman, under pop-up. it is broken sorta and seats rearranged. drive around always girls in red gowns, ball dresses, formal dresses. red to magenta, bright. walking in middle of roads. then i remember i cant get back from north carolina or wherever were going without MY car.

CC BY-ND 2.0 Faith K LeFever
CC BY-ND 2.0 Faith K LeFever

return walk to meetup bar. finding another car which have all left though i dont seem to know. (?) through tunnels around some funky stairwells. encounter a rooftop party near highlands street. see friend from home town and her girlfriend (only non-whites in dream) talk, supermodel from school passes by and smiles and waves. join the two on roof. my friend tells me to sit with other girl but not next to her. go into the inner rooms sit with their friends do some drawing, catch up. cell phone on notice bunch of texts from the car i left, was supposed to meet them around the corner to go on trip. really it has been 4 hours and shut phone off again. she and friends leave, offering me the last cup in wine box (turns out to be like 3/ 24 oz) they go to have dinner/party.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Buttontree Lane
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Buttontree Lane

sitting with ___ from ____bar . talking sort of rub legs w/ her then wrap my around. she has furry ones which need a trim. then i sort of roll/fall over hanging onto her. she says i am sweet or cute.

one says she has ordered me a chef. i am quite surprised. chef arrives saying she had taught me on a day trip (for her) in elementary school. opening wine it bursts a leak and spill everywhere. as i search for a non-dirty container w/o white paint crud or water or whatever in it to pour it in i go to the appliances closet (?) a kitchen set up has also sprung up trying to open a bread machine to pour it in. turns out to be a tape player with relaxation/hypno tapes in it. cant get at the inner part to make bread as it keeps playing everytime i shut the tape lid. some confluence of three events or sounds which i later fail to recall causes me to have a panic attack and i rush around doing stuff with kitchen junk. eventually calm down. buffet is up. there are guests at this dinner, young people from my family and some older ones i dont recognize. the chef asks if i would like her to come see me every morning. she is older, is apparently a therapist as well as a chef. she says wouldnt it be cool to have a friend living in your basement. i was thinking couch and also pondering that i already have roommate. people are serving including something like but unlike hot dogs w/ pickles. go to serve and wake up.

fin. seems to prefigure a wedding, which is odd for my dreams.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 aphasiafilms
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 aphasiafilms

are other peoples dreams boring, as dilbert says?

everyone go read my fast food strike/minimum wage post. it is key to grasping the situation.

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