When the myth begins to take hold


When the myth begins to take hold

Life holds further promises

And the bartenders steal your poems

for souvenirs


Mysteriously dropped in the highlands

how did this happen?


Home away wildcard

counter strikes

jaws will not fall to these torpedos

he will continuously reincarnate

like aeon flux but different


the god(desse)s call you

=to launch your own campaign

{fortuitous typo}

rather than to join theirs

perhaps next year


this cat is entirely too needy


chaos pinball

drop the machines left behind

the pain of dawn is unyielding to rest


cymbalism the dregs

untroubled by fate



wings of peace we fly

dripping with anticipation

as it were

the corporations do not rest

neither do we

when the pawn….

wrinkles the note

underlying tendencies

become known


paper planes sharmishtha


postscript: if memory serves me correctly I was voted most likely to become a political prisoner by my high school class (right in the list with ‘most popular’ ‘best dressed’ and whatnot) . although at the time i thought nothing of it; it gradually seems to take on new and sinister significance

additional post script: the dock on this computer mysteriously ceases to function

who makes these things?
who makes these things?

2 thoughts on “When the myth begins to take hold

    1. Well I dunno. You were one of my first readers during the abortive start in 2009. We are fellow transmitters of information, and that can be the warriors path as well. And thinking of that brought MIA to mind (the paperplanes reference) who was at one time Sri Lankan which is near to you (not sure if she’s a british citizen. The themes are sometimes like mine.


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