Poem: The old man in the corner

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Looking back in time I found what i wrote in my 365 daily challenge on this day in 2011

Looking back a couple of years, still early in the 365 daily challenge. January was the month where I started to see a change in my writing and especially around this verse about the old man in the corner. You know that old man we all know to well, the one we always see when we grab an early beer on a Wednesday on the local pub, the one with all the stories, but sad eyes. the man with experience but no one to share it with. this verse was all about him.


Day 70 11th of January 2011
Topic: The Old man in the corner

How did I end up here
after 80 turns, is still sit on the same spot I´ve had for the last 40 years

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