Traveling in a foreigners’ land

Not knowing the languagettriThe road is long and hazards many

Take ease for a day, a night, a time

Relax your stringent diet, the body needs strength

Ease your watchfulness, body & mind need sleep

Take pleasure in things, it feeds the soul

Rest your eyes, the news will still be there

Let go of your concerns, it is alright

The soulsick also need care, rest

Idyll in a garden in Summer, Winter a museum

Watch your breath go in and out, let the mind settlekajsgDeep internal change can be, you know

It is not only a lie in a horoscope

You are perhaps pulled to other roads, other towns

Perhaps you are just weary of this journey

Study the Dao of the grass beneath your feet

Going against the grain brings only hardship

Take rest weary traveler, find a soft place, welcoming hands

Entrust your aches to Morpheus, he will salve them

Dream a new day when you see joyful, friendly eyesIMG_0937Wander, walk, but the body accepts no insults

Ease your watchfulness

In peace, your answers find you


The Voice of Happiness

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