Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Center

The Dragon shakes snakes and eats cakeskajsgThe snake follows earth in spite of dearth in Perth

The grace makes haste with library paste not waste

The crow grows slow the glows all aflow

The spider casts nets wider than all ‘Murica’s Apple cider

Overland and in the center

The actions accrue

Of feelings, power, passion, wit and thenceIMG_0937The web is woven

Yet no ordinary

It is endlessly fertile prolific

Meting out spirit to stranger, friend, foe alike

Winging in aetheric aviary post

The flight settles into a rhythm

The journey is made, it must be, it is there

One who follows the thread a maybe

A bard, a scripter, a man, a woman, a child

A teller of stories, we all arettriYour skull contains the greatest works, you repeat to yourself every day

The animus of this plot is you

The denouement, taking action


Have been reading “Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising” by Starhawk

Thought I had done the six that were my goal today, looks like I am one short. Later, it will be.

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