fictional item #3 – notes from psycch unit

no one’s pawn

merely a microscopic free agent

stop bribing & threatening my doctors

or face whatever chaos you have raised

I will not be turned into a puddle of drool


first I played for right;

then I played to survive

then I played to survive & win right


none of us deserve any harm

put your man pants on and learn to deal with the weird


1st – throw semantic xerox bombs

2nd – move

“Rules for the Challenege Ahead”


on a side note – at a facility which i was not at, i have ow heard two separate accounts of beatings of juvenile psych patients at “Our Lady of Peace” hospital – have secular-ish psychs looking for evidence


on side note – i should be around ofr a feew years yet and i forgot ehst i had meant to say


whatever anyone says – i love Mono fonts


still under computer interference though – wish theyd just leave me alone or shoot me

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