ghosts in the machine, fireworks, and a first tattoo

I dont have the cash, passports or friends to get near any hotspots myself

I don’t have to decide about the military with

various psychiatric issues so

I’ll just keep telling stories until

someone can see something more



3 of my computers went out yesterday

one way or another

had to return the bum tablet

get a laptop

this UEFI is not my cup of tea

havent got linux on here yet …

bottle rockets to summon djinni

I can get you admitted to medevac

no weapons here though

home is hexed or anyway some energetic cleaning is in order

smudged it with sage, but a pro is needed

headed out of state for a job

no tickets til morning though

I sit until tired

tattoo of keys to always remind me

in this chaos there is a way for me

something needs me here

and forget the cynics

its time

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