If the worl would only stop being so alarming…

…. I would go back to getting on with life as usual

you wanna keep the amateurs out of this?

don’t spy on them or harass them

you wanna tell me I’m all crazy

thinking there’s an difference

well I’m gettin a tattoo to remind me

that This crazy life has a purpose

tell me my work sucks that’s fine

but its time i have to speak

if you’re close enough to worry\find something else to read

back it up bring it down i still live

my rhythms gone but still

always a renegade

there is a reason


keep up the fight

never let us freze into sameness

never let us freeze into authority

oppression is worse than war

as old ben franklin said

eternal oppression comin at you

two directions NSA and ISIS

I choose a third to keep the power out of any hands

and so I say

we gonna let it burn burn burn

before that happens

and we all hear our own unreal words where we need to

I hope that’s the truth

destroy all nations

is always an option

until someone gets all the power

dont let it be too late!

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