Well the progressive press seems to disagree with the normal stuff I’ve been hearing. However. Hoping for ISIS to govern moderately in Iraq seems outlandish as they know, and just giving up seems distasteful. As would allowing Bashar Assad to win, given everything I have read in the news in the last years. A peace may not require Obama shaking hands with Putin (seems like a small price to pay, although being an American I can see that the price of letting the lunatic fringe on the right score more points against him is dangerously high for us). If the UN can send peacekeeping forces to Africa or European countries, what is it that renders the Middle East off limits here? commondreams.org says that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are supporting the extremists (where does the propaganda in which news source end and the truth begin?) while I was under the impression that Saudi Arabia and Turkeydeplored this type of extremism (probably from the economist)…. Surely everyone except al qaeda, ISIS and Assad would welcome a peacekeeping mission and detente of some level. So. And Assad might be brought around. Perhaps for the greater good he could just vanish into some unknown corner of the world rather than paying for his crimes… It is of course unjust to let people get away with war crimes, but the greater injustice is not grabbing the peace when its available. This is worse than Congo, if the stories about ISIS are true, because it has dreams of a rapid expansion of fascist rule, not just supremacy in one state. Is this accurate or the result of so much propaganda. Never trust Fox News though. Decide for yourself about the rest.

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