war v. revolt poem a)

used some random seeds for this one (watchout4snakes.com)



a demonstration –
a proof of concept –
a thousand signs raised; a podium’d speaker
the disloyal lizards run in our midst
their amygdalas inflamed by god knows what
operating on fear and hate; & god-knows-what
& paid to throw rocks
so easy to discredit the demonstrators
with agents provocateurs
and flagrant police violence
rip down the walls & burn the citadel
our revolution will wait no more
the system may collapse before we get there
under its own weight
but we make our small moves now


might be a reasonable time to launch protests worldwide against ISIS invasion of Iraq
they did it when the USA invaded, why not when ISIS invades?
there remains the question of why the army and police didn’t put up a fight, but it sounds like Sunnis have been suffering systemic discrimination and harassment for years already
if I were there ……. I would probably be very scared, but also aching for revolt

~~~images : http://www.accountancyage.com/aa/analysis/2102620/green-revolution

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