Hypnotic Cludge Sequence

800px-Gottesanbeterin_Abwehmesmerizes people,
perilous journey

incendia program

washed in the tears of aeons
comely ladies saunter up;
series & sequence
permutations & combinations
wrinkle, sully, cease & desist
plethoras of plenary sessions
pulsing populists pounding podiums
& a rolling moss gathers no rocks
summon the goats of Jobs
tremulous terrible tiaras
our piazza sits on the playa, uncanny
Clarity burst over the clouds, Sunbeams
Morning Sunshine,
Wake Up; The Princess has a task for you
Cleansing Summons, Burst Generator on the Horizon
Large Metal Beasts Rolling into the Setting Sun
Hero sequence module, arm your scripting engines
Welding Arcs & blowtorches knock apart the hard case;
defuse the hazard

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