REVISED: Mean Freedom

Dark Matter

Originally posted 5/23/2010.

I was in New York City last night with my bass playing partner in crime, Steven Lanning Cafaro, doing a Duende Project show on the Bowery in a bar full of posters hearkening back to the time described in this poem.  Had to come back and give it another look…


A black sneaker, a rich man’s
Chuck Taylor knockoff,
on sale for 75 dollars
in a Providence store window.  
Along the border
of the sole,
lettered in white thread,
the following words appear:


and I struggle with a violent urge
to stretch out my hand, find a rock,
break the window, pull out a knife,
use the point
to tear out that obscene “S”
so I will be able to breathe again.

Walking in front of me
a blond girl,  maybe eighteen,
professionally slim,
decked in designer-wrecked rags,
excitedly tells her similar…

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