depression is a bitch
but one must
be able to sit through
certain amounts of pain
in order
not to fall back in
to drinking
at the first
unable to easily get the proper medications
i wait
perhaps tomorrow the doctors will help
but most likely
they will not do as i ask
will what they give me do any good?
a question for the ages
back on the outside looking out
looking in
exiled by society
I wait
maybe in a few months
i can get the fetters off me
will i make it?
sleep my only recourse
still many hours off
we go silently suffering
morning brings coffee
and perhaps a somewhat better day
I try isochronic tones
and uncomfortable failing in meditation
in hopes to ease it
but i doubt any real relief soon

One thought on “./@#~

  1. ‘like’ is the wrong button here, more like a ‘you touch my heart with plaint and close’-ness button; please don’t stop with the meditation, but sit with all the mucoid thought as a parent with a muddy child: you can clean it up later, for now watch how it gets muddy …


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