Imagine there was an ancient war.
Imagine it was 10 million years ago.
Imagine we won that war (larger pirate ships than the adversaries’ were employed)
Imagine our allies concealed us (they had to turn us back into monkeys)
We had skills they didn’t, they had science we didn’t
We had conspiracy theories and ruthlessness
They had science and nearly perfect mental health
They tried to negotiate with a brutal, slavery addicted adversary
It seemed rational at the time
Now they keep us hidden in their back pockets
Perhaps there was an even larger war
This war was 2 billion years ago
We were the adversaries then
The radio silence in this part of the sky
— Everyone is still afraid of us
Their records were not destroyed
Our planet was (hence asteroids, duh) (do you see them anywhere else?)
What is this magical technology of space wars?
Who are we really?
Imagine there is a non-local field
We communicate across incredible distance
Dreams and visions are the carrier
The bizarrity of the dream reflects
The linguistic gulf
Imagine we are the heros again
Imagine a healing of our distorted thoughts
Imagine the bunker mentality lifting
On millions of planets we will never contact
Not by conventional means –
Now are you interested
In Dreamworks and Magic?
There could be great things to be found
Just get them to transmit the codes
To solve these climate problems
A fix for technology, a fix for greed
Gravitic propulsion for spacecraft
Escape the end
Into eternal beauty

Alt Text: [Astronomer peers into telescope] [Jaws theme begins playing]

Incidentally don’t call yourself an angel or a demon around me
It’s destabilizing. So is claiming affiliation with government agencies out of any clear context. As is also, blanket surveillance. You want to put a stop to sinister plotters? Perhaps the cure for their disease is hidden in your as yet undeveloped ability to not appear so sinister.
That’s all Ive got for now, folks.

We won’t even mention the hydrogen bombs anymore. Not around me anyway. Just transporting myself to financial independence and seeking a purpose in life.

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