Composite Keys

The key
All day trying to create
Awesome metaphor for the broken heart
Is how she does it
One mission for today
What may it be?
So fearful of all your broken hearts
And all transcendence
Mind on fire with false analysis
An opening note of insanity
27 songs that changed history
Some things are groundbreaking
Is that what I once sought?

Can we see the truth of the mind?
Was once in history human mind non-existent?
Created, invented things
You and the page were one
The mind was you, you were unobserved
Unitary, undivided against yourself
And matter, the world, was as it was
No other way
The eternal moment of zen
A sudden resurgence of poetry back to prominence
A sudden blow for the leading edge
The force of quality, excellence, flow
Concussive burst
Connection unstrung from electric spiderwebs and the rack
Altogether melding, the re-melding is hardest
a House has been deeply split
One side tormented
That background remains strongest
The giver of life

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