Composite Keys, the Reshaping

Composite keys to the reshaping
This point in phase space hides between
The council and revolution
On a point of mass hysteria may I expound
The propaganda organism may build on truths as well as lies
Or on nonsense to spark inspiration
The application of random and directed action
May bring about some gradual change in consciousness
While unpredictable, it is preferABLE
The effects are unknown yet in some small wise
we can confound the forces of uniformity and oppression
As with Bit Torrent it’s in the seeding
Seeding small thoughts of chaos, little mysteries
Or pumping out your potent message for others to hear
Let it be said: paper is more potent than pixels
;impact; ::: force to brain
More to come, perhaps, when I’m rested
The cards are leading me to political action
I shall choose my own strange and cheap means
With only these two hands
A resurgence of satisfaction and greater self respect is indicated
Images will have to wait as I still cannot upload

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