Waiting, neurological flames

And we dance around the rosy

Pitch darkness, epics in mythic time

Illegal state of mind

From the outside, sad but charming

From the inside, scaling many walls

Wait for what comes up

Drawing a blank

Climbing, neurological flames

Overcoming, still, I rise

I rise with the dawn to a new world, my child’s eyes

Dopamine fire hose, urge to dance {Not here!}

But if I were alone, it wouldn’t be interesting

Half a page for your $4 and 1 hour, an expensive writing proposition

You’ll need to reach happiness in your sobriety one day

The sustainable is what you can do

Growing increasingly faint

The thread to my ego longer and longer

Breath goes silent, the room impinges

Voices, many voices, echoing around me

Serotonin escape & what was her number?

Lack of the Earth shattering quality

I rise, and its like we are states away when its only 4 miles

Onrushing symptom, separating prediction from reality

Separating prediction from reality

Bringing on stream a generator of lovely, an engine of empty

Wisdom in our rumpled sheets, behind high eyelids

As if getting high really handled your questions

(It can handle some, if it itself is handled with an eye to it)

Holding my head up as if no one had ever judged me, instinctually

No weapons and no forcing, just a change in chemistry & bearing

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