Pointless thoughts on the exploding world

They’re saying ‘put out the lights’
when they get people incapacitated in Iraq and Syria
Am I deluded?
Is the march to war insane?
When they have enough manpower its worse than ‘put out the lights’
People of Hong Kong Stand bravely for something CENTCOM will never give
as quarantine is debated in texas (and enorced)
Turn out the lights
Turn out the light when you leave, by the way
longer lines leading to destruction
breadlines waterlines unemploymentlines
mentalhealthlines cancerlines afraidtodielines
so many lines lines everywhere
lining up the incapable
but we have you the capable
and you the powerful
and between you you deal or do not with us
and between you you kill us or do not
but since world war two few times have we simply
‘put out the lights’
(now it is necessary to declaim that i do not know of such things
with captive soldiers or with mentally ill
only with people refusing to ‘convert’
but what difference is their)
and sadly i find myself on the side of war
how can this have come?
the defense of the weaker is all i can think
and if i believed without doubts right or wrong
that i could believe what i hear
i would breathe for war easier
but i do not
its terribly quiet in here
out there it is quiet
way way way over there it appears not

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