Nonlinear Verse 12/12 #1

an animal climbs in the window bearing gifts
nine times out of ten one explodes
the cosmic banana peel lurks under your feet
chips of happenstance fall by the wayside
Hamlet’s choice is upon us all
balloon weather is out today in Sunday best
nine arches pile themselves for your passage
nouns and verbs reverse places and silence each other
an animal slings stones at your glass windows
silmarils and gemstones float through the ether
pretty girls, pretty girls
I see your sequence of errors for what it is
feelings or farthings needing accounting
on top of time I feel a love of doing
one type of weather gives my joints ease
a farthing for a posting i offer thee thus
a sliver lining of pieces for your purse
psychedelic seeds roll down the exit chute
mounting the incline, a caterpillar rises

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