Nonlinear Verse 12/2 #2

one silver tongued snake enters your room
stimulant species grow crystals in glue
a tank in readiness rolls out today
under your weather release red balloons
no animals come to rescue your hero
umbrella revolt never got it’s due
some people go rolling down alleys and streets
my mind captures all that and this time on tape
one weather, one feather, your mind on a tether
one closing door rings true to my eye
your closing is hosing down each simple path
my mind alters the moves for my bishop’s groove
a heaven of pasta in your feathered caps
your time and your blood cells are up for the night
a fever is burning to stake out his crew
my wether, my feather, your verse now in measure
prose verse reverses, your mind in a tomb
some open season on each lost chance
my people are leaving en masse and in flow
one mind and one body, one faith and one bill
some billiant billionaire will make it alright
one person to make it, one man to close
one sequence of insults follows your fears
forms a tumbling coil of leaps
a climbing species of vine chokes out the light
a closing of ego, a piece of a penny

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