Nonlinear Verse 12/12 #3 with Many Crossouts

it rankles suburbia to know these things
hitting on the answer the gloves go on
no one drifts into the silence of dreams
one weather, one feather, a ball and a stick
the visions of worship and art videos
some people go closing their eyes to the truth
one person is worthy and one she is not
my mother said hit you but i didn’t buy in
I love thee most truly, both thee and thine
some people go their whole lives without
some people go dancing some people stay in
a broken man pleads for recognizance
this we know, according to Ruth
a piece of your mind to put them on ice
a clump of unrequited goes unasked for
one mother, one lover, one cat and one job
some people don’t know their ass from the roof
I love your locks but I don’t matter
a clover, a rover, your picture on the cover
a jumble of sensoria tumbles from the closet

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