Nonlinear Verse 12/13 #3

a ring for the querent sounds the reward
a reward for great faith like never before
like a nice river I practice my maths
imaginary muslims and other known creatures
a juicer goes under the tide, so slide
a get up and go pipe for your troubles
a lebanese witch is under the bubbles
a button for covens and covets galore
a weather, a change in the clouds
a series of errors goes down in the record
a nameless man passes your door
to be sober, to be fed, to be thirsty
when I started doing it everyday I began to notice
a crunk stability sets in
a lover, a cover, your own Mother Hubbard
a trisuit, a biscuit, a comfort in store
a love and a washing, a machine for grace
a climatic gesture for all your wishing
a dramatic fool falls down at your door
an instant of time frozen in your face
a trace and a trance, a time for a dance

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