Daniel Burston: Corruption in the Mental Health Professions — Psychology, Psychiatry and the “New Normal” 

Vox Populi


The Social Psychology of Corruption

Ask yourself the following question; “What is the most corrupt place in the world?” Forget Sodom and Gomorrah. Forget Caligula’s Rome. Forget the mind-boggling intrigues of medieval and Renaissance Popes and potentates. Focus on the present. Is it the city of Naples or the island of Sicily? Is it a post-colonial country whose brief fling with democracy ended badly, issuing in successive waves of kleptocracy, like Haiti or the Philippines? Or is it a far flung country across the globe with no history of democracy – Russia, Afghanistan, Somalia or Burma?

Transparency International rates Somalia as the most corrupt country in the world, but by all accounts, it has a lot of competition. And besides, in the final analysis, there is no way of determining objectively which of these festering places is really the most corrupt…

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