A thought on flocking
Whosoever goes up, say the serenity prayer
Needless to do the head is overheating
The hat and too cold off
The cat is absent, and only one letter from needles
Or two from needles’s
Sleeping on the mats or the couch you see
The sound of sadness in their eyes
But, oh, the tremulous nature of bodice’s ripper
Sleeping on the mat or the couch you see
The angles of our impedimenta and attribution
Needles’ s of solitude fly in the dim lights of no TV
Some grow into their pants like the weather on the sun
Ever so much more weather than the weather on the moon
Tremors of equanimity fly through the earth’s cauldron
Languid seething neurons in the mind
Trials by this I go by
But under your shirt and your panties and your skull are what I seek

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