I never make my bed but I do not feel reading this was a waste of my time. It is validating of my approach to life.


making your bed
is the sorriest excuse
for human existential crisis
i have ever heard

i cannot think
of any activity
more wasteful
for someone to do

the definition of insanity
is doing the same thing
again and again
and expecting different results

a good example
of insanity
is making your bed each morning
just to unmake it
that evening

take that gap of time
and use it for literally
anything else
repaint your white walls white
just don’t make your bed

model homes
have nicely made beds in them
yes i know this
but so do coffins
and don’t open the door
to my opinions
on model homes

if you make your bed everyday
i dare you not to
you’ll feel off all day
like you left the oven on
i dare you

if you never make your bed
this poem may have been a waste of your…

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