Fury, the context
The quick retraction
You generate your own warmth
You have a cat
You teach yourself to generate equanimity
The burn fades away over years
You wait and move your chess pieces
You learn to make a partnership
You learn to love what you can get
So much better than all the fantasies that escaped you
You learn to chase someone your own age
Or you move your pieces until your crush’s defenses crumble
You learn to do a good job, save your money, do your dishes, and meditate everyday
You learn talents no one else knows
You leverage your alleged telepathy for a completion
But all this does not explain why you suddenly gained the upper hand over yourself
Although the target of your everyday writing might
Or perhaps it is a case of love at first blush
Something happens to a man to make him whole
But how does  one know if one is in love?
Of coursr there is no such thing asv true love I do not yet believe

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