Working a day
The tiredness grows
The hangover none
The commutes fierce
Cutting the labels out on the label cutting device
Building up a website until it is good
I go through the day
And when I get home-
Contemplating love spells-
And sound design
I eat the dust of lesser poets
Five pages today; though not eight-
I take the five triple mushroom aspects for the building fever of such
Bracing for minus ten colds in the morning
I blink and it is gone
A series of mistakes accrues through the afternoons
We make dinner and go to bed early-
Like nine, or eight now that I’m out of venlafaxine and can sleep late
Rising before six to by o out in the frigid predawn to write, meditate have actual breakfast before work-
Tomorrow I put on dry shoes when I get there?
Per Mom’s suggestion

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