The sleep of death; the hampering of all effort
You love was in the air but no one came to see it
I say love freely in the night; I say love as if you don’t want an end
The sleep, the sleep, the sleep
I say many things in my gibbering and chattering and ululating and glossolslia
In the eye of the nights storm
We wake to being in a philosophy class called in the dark of the night or something
And to write a review of it would be remarkable because it is traditionally a therapeutic class where the members become like family
The professor was teaching it as a challenge
I say don’t buy in; I say demolish the wall; I say beat the drumbeat of the difference; I say make trouble
I say a lot of things
I say to throw your love away recklessly; you will be wiser afterward
We walk together in electronic hallways
We sing in the silence of text
We fire up the loom of our intentions
And we

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