The sleep the dreams
They are good
It wad so and it was so and it was ever thus
Or was it?
The apple of the eggshells was the silence of dreams
The eggshells of the silence of dreams was thus and was it ever so?
Potent the silent dreams of we all the small ones were thus ever so so
Needling the drama I speak of dreams in silence was ever thus and so
The many vast and immutable changes thus wrought were ever easily reversible
In needling the pieces of the eggshells with their guts sucked out pile up and were thus ever so
All the challenges that were wrought picotant was not needing the alterations of seven chameleons but was there instead to island the tremendous changes
Our island vast picotant was there needling the vast and immutable changes
Injecting thought into the process was thus ever so and needful of a tremendous difference, a truckful
We all the small ones are silent in the face of this the small breeze
The unnamed destiny species of there’ll then there now the silent of the universe the creation of things
Needling of all the small ones is thus and thence and forever idle; to no purpose
We all the small ones demand our rights picotent of the needling of the kanji informed and battling of the electorate
Incensed battling the giants splitcase of the diamond series of the hot dog of thus and thence and then
Now the field opens up for the performance of the diva
In the arteries of the body tolerant cujones accrue
Needling of the spinflip dreaming of dust we all the small ones collect and depart
In the ever blooming aftermath the radio increases and all in vain
The coming revolt ever a fantasy until it boils over
Sweet dreams

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