In it we all the small ones were content
The revolt ever to collect its due comes threatening
All the small one rejoice
In dreams we can be free for a moment
Our time on earth is finite, our depth of experience is deep
In it we the small dream of days and we recount, ever feverish, how it was ever thus so
That is until it isn’t
Dreaming of we all the small ones we hope of finding one to satisfy our lusts
Dreaming we all the small ones are indexed and counted
Dreaming we all the small ones meet and discuss
And also the large although their numbers of mind few their machines and computers and obedience many
Obedience that primeval sin
Think not what this one does for you of we the small but that of which thus ever nightly you ought or ought not be doing in that parallel city of dream
Needling of the programs we of the small or not of it as the case may be, see disclaimer, dream of we all the small ones doing it, or not as the case may be, dreaming of in cities of and, magic poetic rubiksii in the sky and oh of course the lightning and the wind, the flying up in the air without even having prayed
Singling out the we of all the small ones is not fair, let us leave it be
Night over the city came and we tore up to meet it, we of who?
Splitcase transform into a myriad of things and become your maker for a moment
We of all the small respectfully decline such power or respi nativity as the case may be
Dream bot of me but how we can do it
Dream not of this but of that not of which but of who not of all but of some not of fires but of sparks
We the lightning speak with one voice on the matter of we all the small ones and we say let them be; do not evict them
Regretfully on the fruitless he made a startling ring of something
These ones go here and those ones go over there slight return and capitalization on a love supreme
Needling of she of the small ones m, or she we shall see which is who or neither when the time comes and if time permits
She will be evasive no doubt

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