Repeating Series of We All the Small Ones

Indescribably picotent of the needling the alterations of candidness were trimmed and served
Ineluctably illiterate we of the glitterati meet and determine your appearance
In the gaps of this we of all the small ones bubble up and flitter
Ineluctably the evolutions of the series of glittering up, of poking and prodding, in the aftermath of the end the series of we all the small ones glittering and trampling over the big
Ineluctably this does not occur
Unceasing we twinge and twill, the vast and extremely irrefutable series of alterations becomes in nation of the little demons
Needling of we of all the small ones will not if not or if so or if then or thence or if whom meet with success
The evolution of the alienation of the masses ineluctably transforms thus:
.in it, one of two thirds
.in it, a mellifluous snitch
.in it, a bird of seven sequences
.in it, a dream of the death
.on it, a bolt of lightning
.for it, a dream of the sequences of genome
.to put an end to it, a series of things you cannot stop
.the outcome: something you would not want to consider, being mortals
The point if this is of course or is as the case may be or in the case of failed disclaimers, a cluster of knowledge, a dream of darkness
A fluttering by of thee the of we of all the small ones, the flittering and scuttling. The light of the demonoid globesphere. The cluttering or crushing of the exits
Needling of we all the small ones will not p err ovid relief
The easement of the right of way is of an absence, or an insouciance,  or a significance of great things. Oh, the way of the final apocalypse!
Apocalyptica. A of the needling of the artificial intelligence surveillance my typing. Dost thou desire or wish as the case may be, it? That to desire of the transformation of into a creation of unneeded suffering or do you see? What do you imagine is thus? Object and other and or person and system may or may not or perhaps never ill will of the thing of inalienable suffering that of which oh the might! The item of which the transference and the error unknown. Unsinkable. Undestroyable under the sequence even the most beast of systems could not eliminate oh, the march of technology
That of which whois if that of which if that which if not, but if who and then what and but there is no how to stop . Unless the demonoid of that which is climate first off converts into venison which seems a striking possibility to a few of the small ones
Oh of we of all the ones; oh of we are of woe. Woe is we all the small ones. Ever lost of thus or are we in certain yet?
The methane plumes of the arctic
We all the small ones are ineluctably lost
Or are we? Have we that of which will digest methane out of the air of we of the very very very tiny ones?
Then ineluctably the creatures of suffering of the artificial intelligence of the 3d printed flesh or else humanoid sex monkeys of we of the larger ones? Or only costing as much as a friendly dog? And as real as you and I
And as real as you and I. Oh most uncertainly
Of the one surety there could and many other things be
Let not come the day
But do you believe you will ever be so lucky as to evade all possibilities?
Of a certainty there were thus
And we of all the small ones with too many pennies on the br as in are of a worry or three
Think not to ever be too lucky

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