We of all the small ones grew up and were changed
We all the small ones went to the store
We grew up and changed, we grew and changed, we transfigured and expanded
In our silence you could read longing
Many of the others disliked and spat upon our changes
We ignored it
We flattered ourselves of our uniqueness
But we triumphed at one thing
A small retreat is not to be taken lightly
It doesn’t matter
Any small thing that can be taken hence if, see disclaimer, is not a breath of air, is to be avoided
I do not submit
I do not submit
I do not submit
Of the air we said ‘creepy,’ and so it was, the epithet
Spoiling of the peace
A dream of destruction was not
But all the buttering up of all sides was to no avail
You came to close the deal
It was never thus and so
The accuser will read
The accuser will know
Sleeping in the dust of our forebears we woke to the sound of sparrows digging graveyard dirt
A mortal insult
Gets the nose bent out of joint ever so slightly
A sleep most peaceful and joyous though
My dreams do not trouble me

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