Irrespective of all the coils
We let in nothing
But all we go in for is the sadness
Beaten and bruised and broken
We destroy all that does not assist us
What is not compulsory is forbidden
The miasma of lies piles up
In all the scenes of disturbance
Demonoid picotent waxes serene
A litter of destruction around him
The glooming is reaching its eeriest
Sleeping on the nuclear switch
The commander disintegrates
All in the alleyways of griblick day
The mice go scurrying
The flood is approaching, they know
Cancelling out the frames
He splits in two and divides
Rescinding something which only he knows
Lip service was paid to the furies
Demonoid picotent watched it all
He carried his own set of switches in his pocket
One for ease, one for silence, one for accurate guesses, one for a full belly
Walking out, he snagged a glass of champagne from a passing waiter
Walking out, he took a stare at the stars
Walking out, he divided, then teleported
We all the small ones walked up by his side
We knew they had judged him unjustly
We flew to see the eyes
We were there, without discontent, see disclaimer
We all the small ones battered against the door but it was no use
We would have to find another way in
We all multiplexed our frequencies up through the stratosphere
Bleating, the humans ran to and fro
The atoms had questioned all their certainties
Questing after their fake ideals the had made horrific mistake after horrific mistake
We all the small ones had no need of concepts such as dignity
Our integral consciousness was without fracture
These dreams bubbled up, and out of the silence a certainty arose
Then I knew to be very suspicious
The poison darts came flying out of the certainty
They missed by a whisker
And had no more to fire

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