Re-arming, the coalition grew in force
Sleeping off the point of the elocution he went into the gas showers head held high
Night on the Danube, the demons gathered and fiddled up a storm
Second fiddle to the destruction was the ever present hope
Apocalypse. Apocalyptica. The memorabilia and trivia surrounding the apocalypse, as well as music, art, museum pieces, speeches, demons’ blood, and more.
Of course no one is around to enjoy them for long.
Used by permission and see end user license agreement as restrictions may apply.
Dreaming of demons we gather and plaint
The angels did not come to help us, they came to destroy
Sleeping, he dreamed, and in dreaming, he gathered, and in gathering, he planted, and in planting, he razed, and in razing, he wed, and in wedding, he dreamed, and again in dreaming, he became lucid
Long and long and long ago, the doom came upon us
Ancient astronauts and aliens are no fix for this
Nuclear armed Russian submarines prowl the NATO seas
Demonoid picotent sits quietly with his go game and green tea, playing with Mount Vesuvius
You dream that the methane plumes of the arctic ocean will not come for you

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