Ruinous gossip
Destabilizing triggers
An injunction against wanting to have friends
Having done nothing wrong
A splitcase mad dream
Conspiracy and bigotry against the mentally ill
Petty complaints to justify the complaint against the victim
Bringing in the chain manager to explain the completely unfair censure
Being previously called a creep and a stalker merely for respectfully and politely wishing for more connection
It being determined that one was to be broken in service of the biases of the others
It being a censorious veiled threat against simple humanity
Doom upon all is wished
Being told I cannot behave naturally
Naturally provokes a response
Knowing the culprits, but nothing to be done about it
Space to breathe to be found apparently only in isolation
General hostility to those who seek change
A device of masterful persecution
Probing and stabbing through the soft tissues
Beating up those trying to expand your world
A closed perception of all

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