Broken Bones





5 May 2015

“Good morning, Chuck, have you heard anything from your neighbor, Lou?”

“No, haven’t heard a peep. There is another neighbor checking on him as well. Every time he passes Lou’s door, he knocks on it, but there’s been no answer. It could be that Lou’s in hospital, or on vacation. If he died near the front of the apartment, we’re bound to smell it soon. If he was in a back room, it’ll take longer.’

I asked, “Have you heard anything about a service for Joy?”

“No, what they usually do is go to the person’s panning spot at an assigned time, have a drink to them and someone will say a prayer. Some people bring flowers.

“In another forty-eight hours, I’ll be going in for my surgery. I expect that everything will go okay, otherwise I won’t be back here, not that that’s a…

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