The Collected Hotness of the Moment

The collected hotness of the moment
The pair girl with boy
The jean shorts beginning to show the creases of her butt beneath
So short
The renaissance shirt and the long hair diminishing to wisps
But of much more interest
Are the interviewer/interviewee pair who have departed
Much more animation, much more vitality
The one radiant beautiful in fuchsia pants and a black and white horizontal striped shirt, loose and sensible, not sexy
The other looks older at first but isn’t
An engineering kind of look
The cuteness grows on you
Dressed more businesslike
When they get up to leave I see that she is tiny
And the interviewee is almost as short
They clearly get along well
The engineer propels the conversation
And this fourth one
They all have little shoes
The first decorated flip flops
The engineer 2.5 inch heels
Fuschia pants and the one about to be described things similar to ballet flats in leather
She sits in her glasses and her salmon phone
Behind the spindly tree reaching to the ceiling
Having sat outside for a moment and walked around indecisive
Tight black pants and perhaps a little Greek ancestry
Now on the phone and taking a message
And although I am straight I can tell the guy to my right with gray hair and glasses looks good
Like a slimmer younger and more refined Sean Connery
And a kentucky refugee ministries sticker on his mac
Saying ‘keep louisville by global’
I sit writing with an unopened poetry book and half of a large iced americano
In the middle of the room
Unwashed, smelling of sweat and beer, if you get closr enough to hug me
Hair combed though bald, in a purple tee shirt and black dickies pants, running shoes, slim and tall and blond, unmuscled
The blonde pixie with the prominent under eye bulges works the register
Not as cute to my eye as her tall absent coworker with the blue streaks
But quite cute nonetheless
And all unreachable

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