State of Affairs

Weaseling in the deviancy of transuranic elements
Flittering with the sparrows
Night on the Danube as the birds chatter of any and all
Saint Francis and the many feathered Jabberwock understand all
As the starry eyed declaim on the street corners everywhere
Some of this, some of that, some of a little bit of everything
Rocketships powered by wishes and hopes fly to the stars
The dreams of the cosmic ever to the fore
The first ever multidimensional novel of at least three and multimedia towering from a small beginning high into the sky
Night on the Danube and the rust gathers
Violence uncounted is rendered obsolete
The carnivores dilemma is somehow solved
Solve et elucido,  the demons are shackled, the demonoids reign supreme
Ringing you up has success at last
Not in the weather of the walls is your solution
A royalty of pieces gathers its strength
The fully realized meaning of the Word is realized memetic
Soiling the ocean with interruptions, we declaim and plant
The train of thought becomes the object of the eye
Fingering the keys or our lovers we become solely ourselves
Music boils through the atmosphere with the strength of a thousand Tsar Bombas
In the series of the sequence of our cryptographers we find our answers
And God said “That was good,”
“Now can you keep it up?”
Ever to the weather if it was ever thus and so, but see disclaimer, we try into the ever turning twilight to see it through
And that is the state of affairs as it stood as we left it

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